Mt Airy Greening Network - MAGNet

Action Group

Apr 2006 Philly's 2nd annual Earth Day Fair, again partnered with the Wissachickon Charter School.

Mar 2006 Eco-Buy - a Green Product Audit of the Weavers Way Food Co-op

Mar 2006 Co-op Ride Share - A one-way ride-share system for members of our local food co-operative Weavers Way

May 2005 Again, we met neighbors at the Mt Airy Day

April 2005 Philly's Earth Day Fair, partnered with the Wissachickon Charter School, when we brought together over 20 local environmental groups around Philly's first Free-for-All. Also, the debut of the Green Business Directory of green, sustainable & locally owned businesses.

Aug 2004 We created a regional spin-off for Philly’s Northwest, the NWPhillyFreecycle group, now with almost 1000 members of it's own, designed for more local exchanges and less driving. The A-Z directory of local reuse and recycling options was also created. It's grown and maintained since, often by PhillyFreecycle member submissions.

May 2004 Made our presence public with a table at the Mt Airy Day, where we promoted clean wind energy & compact fluorescent bulbs.

Nov 2003 We launched and continue to run the  immensely popular PhillyFreecycle, an online materials exchange with over 7000 families having fun giving and getting stuff for free, diverting 15 tons of material per month from the dump.


Support Group

Electricity Conservation Electricity Efficiency
  • researching energy efficient appliance choices for dehumidifier, refrigerator, clothes washer
Renewable Electricity
  • switch to 100% renewable electricity thru PECO Wind
Waste Management
  • experiment with living a zero-waste lifestyle
  • start a compost pile
  • share a compost pile with neighbors
  • mapping local compost sites, to make a cool activity hotter
  • plan a bike route to work
  • the Grease for Peace mobile - a diesel car converted to run on waste vegetable oil
Heating Fuels
  • reduce home heating oil usage
  • review and compare gas bills

Some future projects
page last updated: March 15, 2006