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Reduce home heating oil use


Here are some ways to reduce home heating oil use:

  • Zone your heated areas. That is, turn down your thermostat, and then use space heaters in the room(s) you are currently occupying, closing off the door to contain the heat. And close off areas which are colder, only going into them when really necessary (attics, basements, mudrooms, drafty rooms with a lot of exterior window or wall space). And if you use wind energy from PECO, it's even greener.
  • Caulk cracks and crevices.
  • Wear extra layers in the daytime (thermals, sweaters, scarves, thick socks, warm shoes even in the house - or mocassins) and at night (extra layers of blankets, flannel sheets and pjs or nightgowns, socks to bed)
  • Drink lots of hot beverages -- they warm you three ways. Warm you while cooking, warm your hands while holding, warm your tummy while drinking. 
  • Cook and eat lots of stews and soups - simmer a long time on the stove and you can bring some of your reading / socializing / work into the kitchen to enjoy the heat while they are cooking.
  • Hug lots of people. Or snuggle up to someone. That warms you several ways as well.
  • Clean your furnace filters at least once a year. And have your furnace maintained by a professional.
  • How old is your furnace? As they age, they get less efficient (unlike us humans, whose declining physical efficiency is offset by our increasing 
    craftiness). Also older ones were designed at much worse efficiency levels to begin with. It may pay off in a few years if you invest in a more efficient, newer model.
  • Enjoy a good book about a warmer climate. You may forget for minutes at a time that your nose is freezing.

I am particularly fond of the snuggle option, myself.

Jan 6 2005 Nancy Boxer / member of the Mt Airy Greening Network

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