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Co-op Ride Share

Walk to Weavers Way, then get a ride home for you and your groceries!

A few of us have discovered that we love walking in our neighborhood, especially to the co-op, but the return trip home, laden with groceries, has us resorting to driving about, even in lovely walkable Mt Airy. We’re therefore introducing a unique one-way ride share system - just to get you & your groceries home.

Ride sharing WORKS for the Co-op, for members, and for the environment:

  • Increased purchasing - Buy more than you can carry home
  • Builds a more generous, cooperative community - Newcomers can meet old-timers, neighbors can catch up
  • Promotes healthy life styles - by facilitating walking
  • Promotes diversity - by supporting members who do not drive
  • Reduced parking congestion - fewer cars coming to the Co-op means easier parking for all
  • Decreased global warming - from decreased car trips


  1. Put your name and destination by the SELTZER CASE when you come in to shop.
  2. Listen for your name on the intercom when someone offers a ride.
  3. Meet your ride by the SELTZER CASE, and wait for them to be ready outside, by the bottled waters (Greene St exit).


  1. Look at the postings by the SELTZER CASE to see if someone needs a ride out by your way.
  2. If you can offer a ride, tell a floor manager who will announce the offer on the intercom

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page last updated: March 15, 2006.